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K J Yesudas - The Versatile Singer

Name: Dr. K.J.Yesudas
Date Of Birth: January 10, 1940
Latest: DR.K.J.Yesudas give away the seventh Yesudas award to music director A.R. Rahman on 12 February, 2007.
The Latest hit: "Sneham Thenalla" (Malayalam Movie - Mayavi). The veteran singer lends his magic to the song, "Mannathe Velli",Film - Palungu(Malayalam).
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Industry: Films • Music •
Speciality: Singer

Dr. K.J. Yesudas is a phenomenon and a magnificent obsession; a singer who has broken barriers of orthodoxy, language and region to enlighten and enrich millions of hearts all over the world. He has already sung more than 40,000 songs in a career spanning nearly four decades. Recipient of the Padmabhushan Award from the President of India. In 1973 the President conferred on him the title of Padmashree on the advice of the Prime Minister on Republic Day "A complete singer" is what people say about Yesudas.


K.J. Jesudas was born in Fort Cochin, Kerala, India on January 10th, 1940. His father was Augustine Joseph Bagavathor, a well-known Malayalam classical musician and stage actor of his time. His mother, Mrs. Alikkutty Joseph, devoted her time and energy in bringing up her children. Eldest of the four sons and one daughter of the Joseph couple, Yesudas took to music at a very early age.

Dr. Yesudas is happily married to Prabha and the couple have have three sons, Vinod, Vijay and Vishal. His son Vijay Yesudas is an upcoming singer and sings in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi. The family is currently settled in Madras, India and visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA time and again for business reasons.

Vijay Yesudas, his second son, was married to Darshana on 21 January, 2007 .The wedding ceremony was held at the Trivandrum Club and was attended by Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan.leading film personalities like Mohanlal, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Sreenivasan, Jagathy and others.


In his childhood Yesudas had to face a great deal of hardships because of the meager financial resources of his parents. Yesudas' first Guru was his beloved father himself, who lovingly and painstakingly led him through the basic precepts of Carnatic Music while he was hardly five years old .
From there, the budding singer took lessons under several musical wizards ie: Kunjuvelan aasan, Ramakutti Bhagavathar and Sivarama Nayar etc, in and around Cochin and nurtured his native talents with discipline, dedication and determination.


At the St. Sebastian's High School, Pallurthi, Cochin, Yesudas was the top singer for several consecutive years. After school, Yesudas joined R.L.V.Music Academy, Thrippoonithura near Cochin for the Ganabhooshanam course which he completed with a double promotion and distinction in 1960.His guru here was was K R Kumaraswamy who taught him most of the fine nuances of music. Then, to finish the Vidwan course, he joined the Swati Thirunal Academy in Thiruvananthapuram. Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer was the principal during that period.. But he could not complete the course due to financial problems at home.

He was trained by the Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar who was one of the senior most performers of the time in Classical Music, and this training, abruptly cut short by the guru's demise in 1974, still stood him in good stead.

Although a Carnatic expert he also learned Hindustani Music. He combines Hindustani Music and Carnatic Music style in all their varieties and did not want to tie himself down to Carnatic music. His soul-stirring voice lends itself well to both Indian classical, devotional and popular songs.

About His Gurus : "Each one of them is great in his own respect. But, I would say with all humility at my disposal that I have not compromised on my individuality. The credit for making me such a great man today goes to my guru Chembai. I cannot forget the concert in which Chembai took part and appreciated me and blessed me. I became popular after I came in touch with Chembai. The blessings and teachings of my guru is the motivating factor for my mastering Carnatic music.


* Completed the Ganabooshanam course at R.L.V. Music Academy, Thripunithura, Cochin
* Graduated from the Sree Swathithirunal Music Academy, Trivandrum
* Trained under well-known musicians like K.R.Kumaraswamy ( former principal of the Music College, Kochi ), Kunjuvelan Aasan (a disciple of Nagaswera Vidwan Rajaratnam Pillai), Augstune Joseph, Ramakutti Bagavathar, Sivaraman Nayar, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer and Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar.


• At the tender age of seven, he won a gold medal for music at a local competition in Fort Cochin.
• In St.Sebastian's High School, Pallurthi, Cochin he was the top singer for several consecutive years.
• 1957 he stood first in the State level school youth festival carnatic vocal singing.
• 1958 gold medal in vocal singing at the all Kerala catholic youth festival at Ernakulam.


• Music- Chembai Vaidhyanatha Bhagavathar , Bala murali krishna. And Mohammed Rafi.
• Social life- Shri Narayana Guru. great message, "One caste, one religion and one God for all humans", influenced young Yesudas in his dealings with fellow men.


• His father's-His son should sing atleast a kirtana during the Thanjavur Thyagaraja festival(which he has fulfilled).
• His-To set up a museum on the lines of Madame Tussaud's in London, showcasing wax statues of national and international musicians.


On 14th November 1961 Yesudas recorded his voice for the first time for him. His first film was 'Kaalpadugal', a Malayalam movie. He sang just four lines but they were golden lines. It was a verse written by Sri.Narayana Guru, the sage of the backward classes of Kerala. The lyrics of the simple song conveyed a great meaning. It read: "This is a model place where all the people live like brothers and sisters, unaffected by the difference of caste and the enmities of religion". Truly a message in national integration, For Yesudas, for Kerala and for India, it was an auspicious day and an auspicious beginning.

Offers started pouring in after the release of a few more film songs and K.J.Yesudas never looked back after that. He became the favorite of the elderly, darling of the middle aged, craze among the youth and singing idol of the teen-age generation. All India Radio, which once refused to recognize his talents, started playing his records day in and day out. Sales of his long play records created new records, every time they were released to the public. He was invited to give concerts of film songs in every town and village of Kerala and also in every city and town in every part of India and overseas. He has performed in almost every major city in the world and has sung in many languages of Indian and foreign.

Yesudas started playback singing in Kollywood film industry in early 60's and in middle of 70's he entered in Bollywood. He had sung almost all Indian language films except Assamese and Kashmiri. He had bagged seven times National Film Award for the best singer in Indian film industry. In 2006 he has sung 16 film songs in four South Indian languages on the same day at AVM Studio, Chennai.

He has recorded more than 40,000 songs for many languages including Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Oriya, Marathi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tulu, Russian, Arabic, Latin and English through his long career. Most of his songs encourage the feeling of unity and brotherhood among the people.

Yesudas is a reciepent of the Padmabhushan Award from the president of India and progress each day towards achieving musical knowledge through Classical Indian Music, Carnatic Music, Challenging Film and Independent compositions.


At a time when new singers and music directors keep cropping up for every single movie, it is a mammoth achievement for one to sustain for 25 years in the playback field. DASETTAN, as he is affectionately called, has done just that, by singing not only for south Indian movies but also created a niche for himself in north Indian movies, creating his own style. Like the success he has achieved in the field of playback singing, he has done so in the field of Carnatic music also.



Padmabhushan K. J. Yesudas has thousands of songs in Malayalam to his credit. His first song as a playback singer was for the Malayalam movie Kalpadukal(1961).
Between 1960-75, he sang songs composed by M. S. Baburaj, G. Devarajan, Dakshinamurthy, and Salil Chowdhury which became hits. The trio combination of Salil, Yesudas and Prem Nazir took the Malayalam cinema industry of the 1970s by storm.
Popular songs sung by Yesudas and composed by Baburaj are : thamasamente varuvaan - Bhargavi Nilayam (1964), Nadhikalil - Anaarkali (1966), Innale Mayangumbol - Anveshichu Kandethiyilla (1967), Akkareyanente Tamasam - Karthika (1968), Pranasaki – Pareeksha 1969, Orupushpam - Pareeksha 1969.
Hit songs with composer Dakshinamurthy are Swapnangale Ningal - Kavyamela (1965), Kakkathamburatti - Inapravukal (1965), Hrudaya Sarassile - Paadunna Puzha (1968), Ponveyil - Nirthasala (1972).
Songs by Yesudas with Devarajan master's music that became hits are :Ashtamudi - Manavatty (1964), Manikya Veena - Kattu Pookkal (1965), Kattadichu - Thulabharam (1968), Thanga Bhasma - Koottukudumbam (1969), Aayiram Padasaram - Nadi (1969), Sangamam - Triveni (1970), Omalale Kandu- Sindhoora Cheppu (1971), Manushyan - Achanum Bappayum (1972), Indravallari - Gandharava Kshetram (1972), Padmatheerthame - Gayathri (1973).
Songs with Salil Chowdhury are Neela Ponmane - Nellu (1974), Kalakalam - Ee Ganam Marakkumo (1978), Madaprave Vaa - Madhanotsavam (1978), Shyama Meghame - Samayamayilla Polum (1978).
From 1980s, his hit songs are with composers such as Raveendran, M G Radhakrishnan, Jerry Amaldev and Johnson. Yesudas made a lot of hit songs with the legendary Raveendran master. Ezhuswarangalum - Chiriyo chiri (1982), Pramadavam – His Highness Abdullah are legendary songs.
Devanganagal Kayyozhinja tharakam from the film Njan Gandharvan (1991) is also a popular song by composed by Johnson.
Recent hits include Gange – Vadakum Nathan, Pacha panam Thathe – Nottam

More Golden Hits:

Saagarangale – Panchaagni
Harivaraasanam -- Swami Ayyappan
Kanner poovinte – Kireedam
Thenum vayambum -- Thenum Vayambum
Sangeethame amara sallapame – Sargam
Ezhu swarangalum – Chiriyo chiri
Ramakatha – Bharatham
Etho nidrathan- ayal Kathaezhuthakayaanu
Vaalkannezhuthiya – Paithrukam
Pramadavanam – His highness Abdulla
Aadyathe Kanmani – Bhagya Jadhakam
Aalila manjalil – Surya Gayathri
Aalila Kanna ninte – Vaasanthiyum lakshmiyum pinne Njanum
Aareyum – Nakashathangal
Aayiram paadasarangal – Nadhi
Arikil nee – Neeyethra Danya
Chandana Lepa Sugandham- Oru Vadakan Veeragatha
Chandra Kantham Kondu – Paadheyam
Changampuzha Kavithakal – Megha Sandhesam
Chiri Chiriyo – Chronic Bachelor
Deva Dundhubi - Ennennum Kannetande
Deva Sangeetham – Guru
Devenaganam – Njan Gandharvan
Devetharu Poothu – Engane Nee Marakum
Devike Nin Meyyil – April 19
Elam Manjil – Ninnishtam Ennistam
Entamme onnukaanan – Nammal
Ente ellam ellam – Meesa Maadhavan
Enthinu veroru sooryodhayam – Mazhathum Mumpe
Ethra pookalamini – Raakuyilin ragasadhasil
Evide Kaatinu – Raagam
Gopike – Nandhanam
Hae Krishna Hare Krishna – Kizhakunarum Pakshi
Indulekha Kanthurannu – Oru vadakan veeragatha
Isal thenkanam Konduvaa – Ghazal
Kalinakkare – Chemmeen
Kadhayile Rajakumariyum – Kalayana Raman
Kai kudanna – Maya Mayooram
Kaliveedurangiyallo – Deshaadanam
Kannum Kannum – Oomakathu
Karayunnoo – Murapennu
Kaatadichu – Thulabharam
Krishna Krip Saagaram – Sargam
Lallam chollunna – Vietnam Colony
Maadaprave vaa – Madhanolsavam
Madhuram Jeevamrutha bindhu – Chenkol
Makale Paathi Malere- Champakulam Thatchan
Maanasa Nilayil - Dwani
Mangalamnerunnu – Hrudayam oru Kshetram
Manja Kiliyude – Kanmadam
Manjani Kombil – Manjil Virinja Pookal
Manushyan - Achanum Baapayum
Megham Poothu Thudangi – Thoovana thumbikal
Moovanthi thalvarayil – Kanmadham
Nee EN sarga – Kaathodu Kaathoram
Nint eKannil – Deepasthambam Mahacharyam
Najn oru paatu Paadam – Megham
Oh Mridule – Njan Ekananu
Oru raathri koodi- Summer in Bethlahem
Oru Madhurakinavin – Kaanamarayathu
Pazham Thamizh – Manichitra thaazhu
Pinneyum Pinneyum – Krishnagudiyil Oru pranayakaalathu
Ponnambal – Harikrishnans
Sangamam – Triveni
Santhamee Rathriyil – Johny Walker
Snehathumpi – December
Sreeragamo – Pavithram
Sumagali – Vivahita
Sundari - Shalini Ente Kootukaari
Swapna Sundari - Adyapika
Swapnangal – Kayamkula Kochunni
Swapnangalokeyum – Kaanan Kothichu
Swarga Gayike – Mooladhanam
Thamasamendhe – Bhargavi Nilayam
Unnikale Oru katha Parayam – Unnikale Oru Katah PArayam
Velli Chilanga – Kaatu Thulasi
VEnnila Chandana Kinnam - Azhakiya Ravanan
VEzhambal – Olangal
Yava SUndari – Pearl View
Hari murali ravam – Aaram thampuran


After Malayalam, he sang the most in Tamil. Yesudas's first song in Tamil film was in the film Bommai (1963) and the song was Neeyum Bommai. The song VizhiyE kadhai ezhuthu composed by M. S. Viswanathan in M.G.R. Hit Urimai Kural (1974) was his early successful song in Tamil. Other songs with M. S. Viswanathan are Malarae kurinji malarae (Dr. Siva (1975)), Ennai vittal yArumillai - Naalai Namadhe (1975), Veenai pesum adhu meettum viralgalai kandu (Vazhvu En Pakkam (1976)), Thaane thanakkul sirikkindraal (perum pugazhum (1976)), Chendu malli poo pol azhagiya pandhu(Idhaya malar (1976)), Idhu irava pagalaa (Neela malargal 1979), Thirumaalin thirumarbil sreedevi mugamae (Thrishoolam), Kaanchi Pattuduththi - Vayasu Ponnu (1978). With music composer Ilaiyaraja he made lot of hit songs. Other major music directors worked with him are A. R. Rahman, Rajkumar S.A., S. Balachander, Vaidyanathan L., Deva, Gangai Amaran, Aadithyan, K. V. Mahadevan, Shankar Ganesh and Vidyasagar.

He had fortune to sing songs written by Subramanya Bharathy (Yezhavuthu Manithan, 1981) and Bharati, 2000) and Kannadasan. 'Poove Sempoove' - Solla Thudikkuthu manasu, 'Aarariraro' - Raam, 'Raaja Raaja Chozan' - Rettai Vaal Kuruvi, Thendral Vanthu' - Thendrale Ennai Thodu, 'Kanne Kalaimaane' & 'Poongaatru' - Moondram Pirai, 'Vaa Vaa Anbe' - Agni Natchathiram , 'Vellai Puraa' - Pudhu Kavithai are popular. He was awarded Kalaimamani Award and eight time State Award for the best playback singer from Tamil Nadu Government.
Aarariro paadiyatharo... - Film: Thaaykkoru thaalattu
Nee pathi Nan paathi - Film: Keladi Kanmani
Aagaya vennilave - Film: Arangetru velai
Aey padal onru - Film: Priya
Gangai karai - FIlm: varusham 16
Kalaivaaniye unnaithane - Film: Sindhu Bhairavi
Kalyana thenila - Film: Mounam Sammatham
Kuyile Kuyile - Film : En bhommukutti Ammavukku
Oore therinjukitten - Film: Padikaathavan
Pottu vaitha - FIlm: Idayam
Amma endrenazhaikaatha - Film : Mannan
are some of his hit songs in Tamil.

He made lot of hit song in Kannada films. some hit songs are Anuragadalil Gandharva Gana - Gandharva, Hoovina Lokha Nammadu -Kempu Gulabi, Gouria Roopa Ninamma - Madura Preethi, Kele Kele Bharatha Mathe - Abhimanyu, Nagumoo Mohana - Rayaroo Bandaru Maavana Manege, Ramachaari Haduva ( Ramachaari ), Ee Yavvana Madhura - Ramarajyadhalli Raksharu , Yaakamma Beku - Sneha, Haadonda Naa Haaduvenu - Shruthi , Meru Giriyane - Sangliyaana, Mane Mandi Gella - Triveni, Navarathri Nota Nayana Mohana - Shri Durgey Pooje, Ninnantha Kathaikaru - Ansumbava. Major Kannada musicians worked with him are Hamsalekha, Sudharsanam R, Rajkumar S A and Upendrakumar. Yesudas was awarded five times State Award for the best playback singer from Karnataka Government.


Ghantasala Melody King, Yesudas has been singing in both Classical and fillm songs in Telugu.
Meghasandesham - Navarasasumamalika
Meghasandesham - SigalooAviViruloo
Meghasandesham - Aakasadesana
Kumkumathilakam - AalanagaPalanaga
Swayamvaram - Galivanalo
AadhiDampathulu - Kadalinigani
Yedadugulabandam - Yenduku
Hanthakudiveta - Regevyase
Grehaprevesam - DaarichupinaDevatha
Ugranarasimham - Veyikaluvula
Rudrakali - Okakavi
OoruNidralechindi - ChickChickPillata
Kumkumathilakam - Momuna Bottetti
SwatantranikiOopiripoyindi - ManasainaPriyathama
Bramha-Musi Musi Navvulalona
are some of his hit songs in Telugu.
He received several Nandi awards from Andhra Pradesh Government and he brought a National Award to Telugu in the film Megha Sandesham


Yesudas's first Hindi song was for the movie Anand Mahal(1977) but first released song was in the film Choti Si Baath , with music scored by Salil Chowdhury, a long-standing collaborator. His most popular Hindi songs are from the 1976 movie Chitchor with music given by Ravindra Jain. The greatest tribute paid to him is cited during an interview with Ravindra Jain, wherein the blind music director confessed that if he ever happened to regain vision, the first person he would like to see was Yesudas. Yesudas's greatest association in Hindi was with Ravindra Jain and the duo combined to produce memorable including Oo Goriya re (from the film Naiyya - directed by Prashanth Nanda),Sunayna (from the film Sunayna). The film in which Yesudas sang the most memorable Hindi songs is claimed to be Saawan ko aane do with music given by the notable late Shri Raj Kamal.
Songs like Jaanam, Chand jaise mukhde pe and Tujhe Dekh Kar Jagwale Par (from Saawan Ko Aane Do), Kahan se aaye badra (from Chasme Baddoor),Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa (from Anand Mahal) etc leave even the lover of modern songs spell bound.

Jab deep jale aana – Film: Chitchor
Gori tera - Film: Chitchor
Madhuban khushboo- Film: Saajan Bina Suhagan
Koi gaata mein so jaata – Film: Aalap
Dil ke tukde tukde karke muskurake chal diye – Film: Dada
Jaaneman Jaaneman- Film: Chhoti si baat
Ka karoon Sajni – Film: Swami
Maana ho tum - Film: Toote khilone
are some of his hit songs in Hindi.
Hindi music directors who worked with him include Salil Chowdhury, Naushad, Ravi, Ravindra Jain, Raj Kamal and Usha Khanna.
Other Languages: His film songs in Bengali are major hits. Naam sokuntala taar -Srikanter Will (1979), Path haraabo boley ebaar - Protiggya (1985) and Aar bujhitey parinaa - Debikaa (1985) are his memorable songs with Salil Chowdhury.
He is also familiar to the Oriya film world. Mamataari baalijhaDa and E laakhi jaay dekhi -Batasi Jhada (1981) some hit songs.


The veteran playback singer K.J. Yesudas has now created a record of singing and recording 16 songs in less than 24 hours. This long-playing record was created when Yesudas sang 16 songs on Maligaipurathu Amman for a new movie which is being made simultaneously in four languages, namely Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. The director of the movie is Ramakutty. Music is composed by Sivaji Raja.


Dr. K. J. Yesudas is a multilingual singer, singing Classical, Devotional, Light Music and Film songs. His commercially published recordings therefore span multiple genres.
Carnatic Classical Music
3.Krishna Nee Begane Baaro

Festival Albums
1.Thiruvona Kaineettam
2.Ponnona Tharangini

Devotional Releases
1.Hymns from the Rig-Veda
2.Music for Meditation – Gayatri Mantra
3.Bhagavad-Gita – Song of God

Light Music
2.Sitaron Mein Tu Hi


1. At Udupi in early 2002
2.At Girinagar Park in March 2006
3.Jyothi 2020, Lombard, IL in August 28, 2004
4. Music For Peace in Paris in November, 1999
5. Tharangam Music Festival 2002
6.Sruti 2005-2006, Philadelphia
7.The Yesudas's Gurusmarana Tour 2005 (USA)
8.Classical Music Concert, MIT, Cambridge
9.The Sydney Opera House , 2006
10.Concert at Flushing, New York in 1998
11.Concert at Cologne , Europe Tour in 2003
12.Classical and Devotional Concert, Singapore in 2005

Yesudas has, till date, performed in almost all the major cities of the world. In his music concerts at Middle East he performs Arabic songs in Carnatic style. And dons the role of cultural ambassador of India through his numerable performances abroad, promoting Indian Music. He is the only one singer who has the title Asthana Gayakan (Official singer) of Kerala State. He was awarded the Padma Sri (1973) and Padma Bhushan (2002) by the President of India.
In 1965, he was invited by the Soviet Union government to perform at music concerts in various cities in the U.S.S.R and had sung a Russian song over Radio Kazakhstan. In 1970 he was nominated to head the Sangeetha Nataka Academy of Kerala, he was the youngest person ever to occupy the office. In 1971, Yesudas with his musical troupe travelled around Kerala to raise funds for the Indian Prime Minister's National Defense Fund during the Indo-Pakistani War. He also became Senate member in the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, an organization incorporated in the USA. On November 14, 1999, Yesudas was presented an honorary award by UNESCO for "Outstanding Achievements in Music and Peace" at the "Music for Peace" event in Paris, a concert held to mark the dawn of the new millennium and whose attendees included artistes such as Lionel Richie, Ray Charles, Montserrat Caballé and Zubin Mehta


1. Padma Bhushan by President of India in 2002.
2. Padma Sri by President of India in 1973.
3. Doctorate by Annamalai University , Tamil Nadu in 1989.
4. D.Litt by Kerala University , Kerala in 2003.
5. Asthana Gayakan ( Official Singer ) by Government of Kerala
6. Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1992.
7. Asthana Vidwan ( Official Teacher ) by Udupi, Sringeri and Raghavendra mutts.
8. Sangeetha Sagaram ( Music Ocean ) in 1989.
9. Sangeetha Chakravarthy ( Music Emperor ) in 1988 by Pallavi Narasimachary
10. Sangeetha Raja ( Music King ) by Chembai in 1974.
11. Sangeetha Ratna ( Music Jewel ) by Lt. Governor of Pondicherry M.M. Lakhera
12. Swathi Ratnam( Swathi Jewel )
13. Sapthagiri Sangeetha Vidwanmani in 2002.
14. Bhakti Sangita Geetha Sironmani in 2002.
15. Gaana Gandharva.
16. Geetanjali Award. by The ex-president of India Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
17. Sur Shringar Samsad Award. in 1976.
18. Kalaimamani Award by Government of Tamil Nadu.
19. Star of India Award by Lt. Governor of Pondicherry M.M. Lakhera
20. National Citizens Award in 1994
21. Mar Gregorius awrd Governor RL Bhatia in 2006
22. The `Annual Latha Mangeshkar Award by Government of Madhya Pradesh in 1992.
23. Dr Pinnamaneni and Seethadevi Foundation Award in 2000.
24. Senate member in the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, an organization incorporated in the U.S.A.
25. An Honorary award for "Outstanding Achievements in Music and Peace” by UNESCO in 1999
26. National Film Awards Seven times for the best Playback singer by Government of India
27. State Film awards Twenty three times for the best Playback singer by Government of Kerala
28. State Film awards Eight times for the best Playback singer by Government of Tamil Nadu
29. State Film awards Five Times for the best Playback singer by Government of Karnataka
30. State Film awards Five times for the best Playback singer by Government of Andra Pradesh
31. State Film awards One time for the best Playback singer by Government of West Bengal


• 1972, Film Name: Achanum bappayum, Language: Malayalam, First line of the song: Manushyan mathangale
• 1973, Film Name: Gaayathri, Language: Malayalam, First line of the song: Padmatheerthame unaru
• 1976, Film Name: Chitchor, Language: Hindi, First line of the song: Gori thera gaon bada
• 1982, Film Name: Megha Sandesam, Language: Telugu , First line of the song: Aakasa desana
• 1987, Film Name: Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam, Language: Malayalam , First line of the song: Unnikale oru kadha parayam
• 1991, Film Name: Bharatham, Language: Malayalam, First line of song: Rama kadha gaana layam
• 1993, Film Name: Sopanam, Language: Malayalam, First line of the song: Sopanam (title song)


In 1970 Yesudas established the Tharangini Music Company at Chennai ( later incorporated in the US in 1998) which brought about an audio cassette revolution in southern India. Tharangini Studio and Tharangini Records became the recording center in Kerala which, for the first time, brought out audio cassettes of Malayalam film songs with the added attraction of stereo effect. The record company’s additional strength was in its voice mixing studio in Chennai. An expansion of the Thiruvanthapuram studio, Studio27 in Chennai boasts of the latest and the best voice-mixing studio in Chennai. The studio continues to produce and present events of Yesudas both for film and Indian classical music concerts throughout the world.


• While he was studying in Thiruvananthapuram, his father applied for a grant from the Sangeeta Nataka Academy. He did not get a reply. Years later the very same institution made him its chairman.
• The prohibition of entry to Hindu Temples to non-Hindus has denied him a chance to sing in Guruvayoor, Tripoonithara and Padmanabha-puram temples, though his songs in praise of these deities are regularly played in these temples' precincts.
• In his budding years as a musician All India Radio(AIR) Trivandrum considered his voice not good for broadcasting, but now plays his songs regularly.

AS A PERSON: Shy, but with a wonderful sense of humor. Ability to communicate through his music is magical. In 1971 with his musical troupe traveled from one end of Kerala to the other end to raise funds for the Prime Minister's National Defense Fund during the India-Pakistan war

MUSIC FOR HIM: "More than anything, my music is my life. And I am willing to sacrifice everything for music. Music is like a tapasya for me"

Music came as divine grace and paternal inheritance to Ganagandharvan K.J.Yesudas, one of India’s foremost exponents of classical carnatic vocal music and leading playback singer in all-Indian languages. His classical concerts and film songs programs continue to captivate millions of listeners at home and abroad.


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